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Extension, Attic & Renovation Design

At Design23 we want to change the way we design buildings.

Streamlined design options to help you design and visualise your new space

Looking to transform the space you already have or add another room. We offer streamlined design options to help you design and visualise your new space saving you time and money before you even start your project. Streamlined design options offer a proactive approach to space planning, enabling you to envision your project efficiently and save time and money before commencing.

Built-in Storage Solutions: Incorporate custom-built storage tailored to your space. This efficient utilization of space not only enhances functionality but also reduces clutter, providing a cleaner and more organized environment.

Alternative Door Choices: Explore alternatives to standard doors, such as sliding or pocket doors. These options optimize floor space and contribute to a more open and adaptable layout.

Creative Decor Ideas: Embrace creative decor ideas that maximize visual appeal without sacrificing space. Strategic placement of mirrors, the use of light colors, and multifunctional furniture can create an illusion of more space.

Space-Saving Renovation Concepts: Consider innovative renovation ideas designed to save space, such as foldable furniture, wall-mounted storage, and multifunctional fixtures. These concepts optimize available space without compromising on aesthetics.

Small Home Renovation Strategies: Explore small home renovation ideas that emphasize creativity and practicality. This includes reimagining room layouts, using dual-purpose furniture, and investing in modular solutions that adapt to changing needs.

Mini-But-Mighty Remodels: Engage in mini-but-mighty remodels, focusing on impactful changes in specific areas. This approach allows for targeted improvements, saving both time and resources while delivering noticeable transformations.

Package includes:

  • Consultation survey
  • Concept idea and references images
  • Design Options as discuss during our meeting.
  • 3D Images and Videos
  • Final Plans showing your new layout.

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